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St. John Bosco Parish welcomes new members and provides them with appropriate spiritual formation through scripture, prayer, faith sharing, Church teachings and Sunday Liturgy in our faith community. Adults who are interested in learning about the Catholic Faith and possibly becoming members of the Church are invited to participate in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. Any adult who is not baptised or is baptised in another faith and wants to explore joining the Catholic Church, and baptised Catholics who wish to complete their sacramental initiation (First Eucharist and Confirmation) may apply. It is also an opportunity for those Catholics interested in reviewing the basics of the Catholic faith or perhaps learning them for the first time to sponsor an RCIA person or be a part of the hospitality team. Individual marital situations will be discussed in the initial interview and should not deter anyone from making inquiries. The RCIA will start September 19, 2017 @ 7:00 pm and the sacraments will be celebrated at the Easter Vigil, March 31, 2018. For more information please call Theresa at the parish office, 478-0198.


Tuesday,    Sept. 12 @  7:00 pm
Registration/Meeting for First Reconciliation/Eucharist  OR
Thursday, Sept. 14 @ 7:00 pm
Registration/Meeting for First Reconciliation/Eucharist
(Parents attend one of the above)
Saturday, Oct. 14 @ noon
First Parents Meeting for Reconciliation  OR
Wednesday, Oct. 18 @ 7:00pm
First Parents Meeting for Reconciliation
(Parents attend one of the above)

NOVEMBER, 2017   
Saturday, Nov. 4 @ noon
Second Parent with child meeting for Reconciliation  OR
Tuesday, Nov. 7 @ 7:00pm
Second Parent with child meeting for Reconciliation
(Parents attend one of the above )
Tuesday, Nov. 21 7:00 pm 1st Reconciliation Celebration

Saturday, Jan. 20 @ noon
Registration/Meeting for Confirmation  OR
Tuesday, Jan. 23 @ 7:00 pm
Registration/Meeting  for Confirmation
(Parents attend one of the above)

Tuesday, Feb. 13 @ 7:00 pm
Parents 1st Meeting for Confirmation      OR                                     
Saturday, Feb. 17 noon Parent’s
1st Meeting for Confirmation
(Parents attend one of the above)

 MARCH 2018
Saturday, Mar. 17 @ noon
1st Parents meeting for Eucharist   OR
Tuesday, Mar. 20 @ 7:00pm
1st parent meeting for Eucharist
( Parents attend one of the above )

APRIL 2018
Thursday, Apr. 19 @ 7:00 pm
2nd Meeting Parents with child for Eucharist   OR
Saturday Apr. 21 @  noon
2nd Meeting Parents with child for Eucharist
(Parents attend one of the above)

Saturday Apr. 21 @ 1:30 pm
2nd Meeting for Parents and child for Confirmation  OR
Tuesday, Apr. 24 @ 7:00 pm
2nd Meeting for Parents and child for Confirmation
(Parents attend one of the above)

MAY 2018
Thursday, May 3 @ 7:00 pm 
Rehearsal for First Eucharist
Sunday, May 6 @  11:30 am 
First Eucharist Celebration
Thursday, May 10 @ 7:00 pm 
Rehearsal for First Eucharist
Saturday, May 12 5:30 pm 
First Eucharist Celebration
( Parents choose one First Communion date with rehearsal the Thursday prior to your celebration. )

JUNE 2018
Wednesday, June 6 @ 7:00 pm Confirmation Rehearsal
Friday, June 8 @ 9:30 am 
Confirmation Retreat
Tuesday, June 12 @ 7:00 pm 
Confirmation Celebration


Symbolon, an online religious education program,  is now available free for all parishioners. It offers 20 sessions with a variety of teachers and places.

For more information on topics, please read the SYMBOLON synopsis

The parish now has its own login code.
Please follow the steps in the instructions document to create your unique login. Then check out all the available programs.
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