St. John Bosco Parish - FAQ

  1. Do I need a Facebook account to watch our daily masses and prayers online?

NO, you do not need an account with Facebook to watch our recorded videos of the daily mass and prayers. But you need one to watch it LIVE.  So if you do not have a Facebook account for whatever reason, kindly go to our church website https://www.boscoparish.com and you can watch it there.

  1. Do I need to get out of my pyjamas to watch the online LIVE mass?

Supposing the Queen comes to your home to visit you and your family, will you be in your pyjamas? Here comes the King of Kings, King of this universe and your creator, should you not be in your best! As much as you are afraid of this invisible virus at this time, we should have reverential fear for the one who is invisible yet truly present in our midst.

  1. How do I make confessions these days?

As usual on Fridays, you are welcome from 6-7pm. All the other days feel free to call the church to make an appointment with the pastor. Tuesday to Friday, the pastor would be available mostly from 10am to noon and 1-3pm at the church.

  1. How can I continue to contribute to our Church / parish?

Thanks for asking this question at this time when everyone is in pain and struggling. But the Church is supported with your generous contribution now and always. We have salaries to pay, utilities bills to pay and so on. There are several ways to continue your contribution.

  1. You may mail your cheque to the parish office
  2. You may drop your envelope in the mailbox in the main entrance of the church
  3. You may use the form available to make direct deposit / withdrawal from your account. It is safe to do so with no cost. Click Here
  4. You may use the contribute button on top of our parish website to make your contribution using your credit or debit card. But when you use your card, there is a 4% charge to it.

5. I do not receive any communication from the parish. What should I do to receive them?

You may mail the parish directly [email protected] or use the form at https://boscoparish.com/contact-us/