As Catholics we believe that marriage is much more that a social custom. It is the sacrament that sanctifies the love of a man and a woman as an image of God’s love for his Church. Marriage is the plan of God for the foundation of a loving family. The miracle of Jesus at the wedding in Cana of Galilee is the sign of the Lord’s blessing upon the new creation. The Gospel of John (Ch. 3) shows the presence of Mother Mary at the wedding and her request to Jesus to help this couple. The abundance of grace is the beginning of the faith of the disciples and the whole Church. Faith in Jesus and faith between husband and wife is the foundation of a happy marriage and a loving family.

What do you do if you wish to get married in our church? Marriage is a life-long commitment. It takes some time to prepare well for the gift of your life to each other. In our parish, the person to contact for information and preparation is the pastoral assistant, Mia Turlock. You will make an appointment for a preliminary interview and documents required for the marriage, such as baptismal certificate.

All couples getting married will meet with Fr. Raja. The first meeting is based on the teaching of the Church about marriage as a sacrament. Why get married in the Church? What is a Catholic marriage? The second meeting deals with communications between husband and wife. What are some of the obstacles to a good and loving relationship? What is positive?

All couples preparing for marriage will participate in a commissioning and engagement blessing. A few days before the wedding, expect to have an evening for the rehearsal of the celebration with your bridal party.

For more information, you may call the parish at 780-478-0198