Prayer request

Dear kind friends,

We need prayers and masses for the following intentions:

1. Africa;
2. Middle East;
3. to be discharged from UAI Martins hospital;
4. dysfunctional families;
5. ancestors of Sagata, Kanno and Hashiguchi families;
6. Brazilian public schools;
7. Brazilian corruption;
8. Brazilian slum;
9. help me when I grow old, fall sick and when Idie;
10. working people;
11. schizophrenic people;
12. prevent Sanae lose of mental control when she can not go to the church;
13. Sanae (in the present and future): goodness, kindness, wisdom, strong faith, compassion, QI145, cure gift, strong eyes, children literature writing skill, cure gift, independence, best family, Dom Wilson gift, religious vocation, Denmark;
14. Daniel: lack of control, obsession, adiction, “blowing” and intrigue punishment.
15. Elisabeth Fritzl and children;
16. cats “Loirinha” and “Coloridinha”;
17. help me donate all my wealth to the Church;
18. Sanae: shoulder pain;

Thank you for your kindness,

Klara Vita