Protection, deliverance and Healing


Please pray for Sophie emergency pray for my daughter she is kidnapped three days ago .I don’t know where she is. She is physically and mentally sick. Her heart is very weak, she is stressed and in a panic attack. She among the evil people, who are concerned use violence .They abuse her and treat her as slave. For them she is just like an object not a person. They treat her is against her will. She is weak and has no power anymore. They, evil people her through using alkohol and drugs please pray to contact me her family, please pray for pray that she is away from every Harm and danger. Please pray open the door of jail for the evil satanic people. God send his angels. Please pray for relative for Letesgie, she has a pain in her eye, her left is almost blind!A good doctor can my sister Aster_Maria is very stressed and needs Healing and strength and protection for Andu, Ferhat. Thank you.